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Vonmählen High Six review: The compact 6in1 fast charging cable

Vonmählen High Six cover picture
Picture: TechnikNews
(Post picture: © 2023 TechnikNews)

Decades ago, father's Swiss Army Knife was the standard for any spontaneous manual activity - now we have arrived in the age of digitization. You need a charging cable for all purposes in order to be well equipped. Vonmählen shows how it's done!

The young company based in Lüneburg offers various stylish and useful gadgets for everyday use. We were able to test the 6in1 fast charging cable for you in everyday life.

tl; dr

In the future I will probably no longer have to worry about a forgotten charging cable and I can always be the rescuer in need if a friend or someone else has misplaced their charging cable. In my opinion, it has really become a must-have in everyday life that can be recommended for a good 30 euros for everyone. The icing on the cake of the High Six from Vonmählen is the always useful bottle opener that you carry with you.

What is the High Six 6in1 fast charging cable?

As the name suggests, this is EIN Proproduct that brings variety. It houses virtually all previous USB charging plugs that you need to power your devices.

Practical implementation for on the go

Each of us has had that moment when we forgot to pack our charging cable for a trip or in everyday life and had to hope to get a charging cable elsewhere.

Vonmählen High Six keychain

Picture: TechnikNews

Vonmählen helps with the High Six so that you don't have to worry about it anymore. Because almost everyone carries their house or apartment key with them as soon as they leave their own four walls. The High Six 6in1 charging cable consists of a foldable plastic cable that includes the following charging plugs:

Vonmählen High Six

An image of Vonmählen's website. (Image: Vonmählen)

The basis here is that USB-C was installed on both sides of the cable. This is also useful if you want to transfer data from one Android device to another.

The integrated bottle opener, which is housed in the stainless steel housing, is also very practical.

My experience with the high six

As a daily driver who uses Apple CarPlay, I find the High Six to be a valuable everyday gadget. Since I practically never leave the house without a key and use CarPlay every day, I no longer have to think about the right charging cable. Even friends and family who want to power their smartphones from the Android world profit from this.

Unfortunately, in some situations, the cable is short, so it could be bulky and inflexible.

Buy Vonmählen High Six

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