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Wunderlist in the Apptest

Image: Wunderlist
(Post picture: © 2018 Wunderlist)

So far I have kept my fingers off ToDo List Apps. How come? I honestly can't say exactly. But at some point I couldn't cope with my ToDo lists in OneNote and got Wunderlist. Lo and behold, it is now one of my favorite apps. My apptest.

Keep everything in view with lists

When you open the app, it greets you with all of the lists it has created. You can create this to organize individual tasks according to categories. Several of these lists can also be combined into a folder. In my case, as an example, I have a folder for school in which I have lists for homework and other things that I have to do in some form. You can now add individual tasks to these lists. Tasks that are due for the current day or the current week are grouped together in a separate category on the start page. A background image created by Wunderlist can be set in the settings for personalization. The UI of the app then adapts to the colors of the image.

The creation of ToDos

Once you have set up all your lists, you can start saving tasks in them. You can then add a lot to your tasks. The first: memories. This can be set for a certain date at a certain time. When a task is due, you get a pop-up in the notification center. Alternatively, you can also be notified of the due date of a task via email, in my case I have always had both options activated up to now. I would have liked to have been able to set that you are only notified of selected tasks when you are at a certain location.

Next you can add subtasks. I mostly used it when I had several subtasks as homework in a subject. So I could chop off everything one after the other and never miss anything. Finally, you can attach files and take notes on a task. Incidentally, Dropbox was implemented in the app to attach the files. Once you have completed a task, you can mark it as completed directly in the list.

Here you can add all the details to your tasks (screenshot: © TechnikNews 2018)

The web app and premium functions

There is also a web app for Wunderlist that can be opened using the browser on your PC. As far as the interface is concerned, the web client is very similar to the mobile app. All lists are displayed on the left, the larger right part is then reserved for the overview of the individual tasks. All in all, the Wunderlist web app is pretty self-explanatory if you've used the mobile app before.

Then there is a paid subscription for Wunderlist with premium features. This costs €4,49 pro Month. This subscription gives you a number of benefits. You can then, for example, add an unlimited number of files to your ToDos and get exclusive ones. wallpapers. Do you need this subscription in my opinion? Let's put it this way: it depends on what you want to do with the service. For my part, I got along great with the free version of the service.

Opinion and conclusion

Wunderlist surprised me positively for the fact that it was just an attempt to get into the world of to-do list apps. I will definitely keep the app and continue to use it regularly as I do now. This is due to the possibility of personalizing the app with one of the background images as desired. I also liked the fact that I can categorize the tasks not only according to lists, but also according to folders.

I also loved how easy the app is to use, generally speaking. You open the app, it starts immediately, entered the ToDo and that's it. The only thing the developers could deliver with an update is that you can get notifications based on the current location.

Wunderlist can be downloaded free of charge from the Google Play Store and the Apple AppStore.

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David has already written 1137 articles and left 106 comments.

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