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XGIMI Halo Review: Smaller Projector very large

XGIMI Halo cover picture
Picture: TechnikNews
(Post picture: © 2021 TechnikNews)

In addition to the home cinemaProejectors, there is also a growing market for mobile devices. We tested the XGIMI Halo vicariously.

What's in the box

If you don't know XGIMI yet, you are in the "Projektoren with Android TV” is one of the leading companies. Included is next to the Projektor also includes a remote control and the power pack. Assembly and setup were very easy. Cable connected, batteries (unfortunately not included) packed in the remote control and at the push of a button Proejector started. Android TV greets the user directly, and the device can be set up there via a link on the smartphone. The installation was completed within a few minutes.

Design and workmanship

The Halo is very compact (especially compared to the Horizon). The height is 17 cm, the width is only 12. The weight is about 1,6 kg, so it can probe transported without problems. The design is kept relatively simple, the halo is provided with aluminum, which stretches over the housing in a "holey" structure. The connections and the on/off switch are located on the back at the top, with the fan underneath.


The XGIMI Halo can produce an HDR-10 1080p image with a maximum of 300 inches, the best image was at around 2,5 m with around 100 inches. The maximum brightness is 800 lumens, for a portable one Projector that is a high number. It definitely doesn't come close to a home theaterProjektor, but for on the go (e.g. for a slide show or a film) it is perfectly adequate. Movies can be played natively at 1080p and 60 frames pro second, 4K material is downscaled to 1080p (but looks noticeably better with more details and a sharper image).

Even 3D content can be displayed, but unfortunately I didn't have the glasses to test this. In daylight the number of lumens is only sufficient, in the evening the blinds no longer have to be closed. Gaming is also possible via HDMI, the input lag is around 30ms. That's enough for Fifa or other "casual" games, but I wouldn't play COD or Battlefield competitively on it. However, the refresh rate was constant at 60 frames pro Second.

The image can be output in three "modes", so the Projector can also be hung under the ceiling. The automatic keystone correction then adapts the image to the wall, which ensured a sharp image review.

Hardware and OS

Auf dem Projektor runs classic Android TV 9.o, which Xiaomi and co also use. It runs smoothly, offers a number of settings and with the Play Store it is also possible to load apps. All major streaming services work without it Probleme, Netflix has to be loaded via an external "TV Manager" app because there is no official licensing. That wasn't for me Problem, but should be mentioned. Streaming runs via WLAN module proproblem-free, but if you still like to use external hard drives, you have the option of doing so via a USB 2.0 input. A Chromecast is also built in, so you can use your smartphone or laptop as a "selection device" for content.

External Anschlüsse

The Halo has x connectors. On the back is the power connection, a 3,5 mm jack connection as well as HDMI and the USB 2.0 connection for hard drives or USB sticks. At the jack connection I could proEasily connect a Bluetooth speaker, files such as photos or videos can be played back via media player. Speakers can also be connected via USB if no jack cable is available. Alternatively, an external speaker can also be connected via Bluetooth, this is integrated in the SoC and also worked in Android TV proflawless.

XGIMI Halo connectors

The XGIMI Halo has three connections (Image: TechnikNews)

Remote Control

A big advantage of the Halo is the remote control. This is also not on the same level as the Horizon in terms of processing, but it serves its purpose on the go. Thanks to the Bluetooth connection in particular, there are few erroneous entries, the remote control does not have to be pointed in the direction of the Projectors are held. A Google Assistant button is also built in, which Projektor can also be operated by voice.

Xgimi Halo remote control

The XGIMI Halo's remote control has many useful buttons (Image: TechnikNews)


The Halo's speaker is much more than a “smartphone speaker”. The two 5W speakers were developed together with Harman / Kardon and ensure a good sound. They also drown out the fan, which is relatively quiet. If you want to use the Halo as a "Bluetooth box", you can use the specially created mode. If you don't want to drag another one around with you, you will be pleased.

XGIMI Halo speaker

The speaker of the XGIMI Halo can also be used as a "Bluetooth speaker" (picture: TechnikNews)


In the XGIMI Halo sits a 5400 mAh battery, which lasts for up to 4 hours Proejector operation, or should last 8 hours as a "loudspeaker". In the practical test, I was able to show a slide show for about 2 hours at full brightness, but in Netflix mode it was 90 minutes at full brightness to watch series. Luckily, the power cord is long enough for the Proejector too procan be used without problems in mains operation.


The XGIMI Halo is a very good wearable Proejector. It convinces with its compactness and still (almost) comproflawless overall package. A good picture, a pre-installed operating system as well as speakers and a remote control ensure a very good "all-in-one" entertainment system, especially on the go. The price is definitely okay, in the past there have been a few interesting offers.

Here you can find more information about Proejector.

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