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XGIMI Halo vs Halo+: Is it worth the upgrade?

XGIMI Halo Plus cover image
Picture: TechnikNews
(Post picture: © 2022 TechnikNews)

The XGIMI Halo+ is the better version of the XGIMI Halo. But is an upgrade worth it? TechnikNews takes the test. 

A portable one Projektor usually has many disadvantages, since portability takes up some space, but XGIMI wants to solve this with their Halo lineup. But you should pay the 50 € surcharge compared to the normal Halo, which we have already detailed tested to have? What are the differences anyway? We found out for you.

XGIMI Halo vs XGIMI Halo+: The differences

The XGIMI Halo has become in our test report as a very good portable Projektor, but in comparison to the home cinema lineup "Horizon" some compromises have to be made. The normal Halo does not have a built-in sensor for automatic keystone correction, which proved to be reliable and time-saving in our test turned out. This feature is added to the XGIMI Halo+, on the front there is a sensor that provides automatic keystone correction. This works by a maximum of 45° vertically and horizontally, which can be adjusted manually afterwards.

XGIMI Halo Plus differences

The XGIMI Halo+ supports automatic keystone correction (Image: TechnikNews)

In addition to this function, there are minor differences in the data sheet. The Halo+ has a maximum brightness of 900 ANSI lumens, the Halo only achieves a maximum of 800. In addition, the manufacturer promises a clearer image and colors with an "image engine" in the Plus model, as well as no stuttering in video material such as action thanks to MEMC technology -Scenes or console games. In the audio area, the loudspeakers are technically identical (2x 5 watts), but have a clearer sound thanks to "DTS Audio" and "Dolby Audio".

A short summary of the differences: They are minimal in many respects, the greatest would be found in the automatic keystone correction and in the maximum brightness. But, do these make such a big difference that you should pay the extra 50 euros?

XGIMI Halo+: Is it worth the upgrade?

The XGIMI Halo+ saves you a lot of time in everyday life with keystone correction, because this works very quickly thanks to automatic keystone correction. That's really the strongest advantage of that Projector, because the portability factor in particular ensures that there are always different possible uses. The setup of the Projektors is identical and unfortunately no Android TV 11 has been installed, as with the Horizon Pro. The image quality itself is a bit sharper and brighter on some content, but in daylight it is Projektor (like almost all portable solutions) is difficult to use. But especially in the evening the Halo+ shines, disappointingly Netflix still only indirectly. All other streaming services (Disney +, Amazon Prime or DAZN) have no Proproblem works.

XGIMI Halo Plus connectors

The connections are identical (picture: TechnikNews)

The MEMC calculation works well. You notice a difference, especially in games like Forza Horizon or other games where a high refresh rate makes sense. The battery life is a bit worse than the normal Halo due to the higher brightness. You can already watch a 90-minute film, then the projector has to be reconnected to the power supply. This is disappointing, I would have liked an upgrade here. What works longer is the built-in Bluetooth mode. Because the Halo+ can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker, very nice.

XGIMI Halo+: Conclusion

The XGIMI Halo+ is a small upgrade to the normal Halo, which is also reflected in the price. XGIMI would like to have only 50 euros more for the Halo+. For the small surcharge you get a good automatic keystone correction, a slightly brighter picture and MEMC support for gaming. But: The battery life suffers from these upgrades. For many, however, the Halo+ may be the better choice if you are willing to pay the additional 50 euros.

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