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Fossil introduces new Q Explorist HR and Q Venture HR smartwatches with heart rate monitors

Image: Fossil
(Post picture: © 2018 Fossil)

Fossil today announced two new smartwatch models. The two smartwatches Q Explorist HR and Q Venture HR are the first Fossil watches with a heart rate monitor. NFC and GPS are also on board for the first time. You are also now waterproof.

The watch manufacturer Fossil has been in the smartwatch market for a long time. New smartwatches are shown regularly - almost two models every year. Now it's that time again: This year the competition was inspired by two new waterproof watches with heart rate monitors, NFC and GPS. Both watches come with Google's Wear OS and only differ in size: Fossil Q Explorist HR (45 mm) and Fossil Q Venture HR (40 mm).

This is in the new smartwatches

As the name suggests, both smartwatches are intended for outdoor fans. This time really, because both smartwatches are now waterproof (3 ATM) in addition to integrated GPS for the first time. However, if you choose the leather bracelet, contact with water is not recommended because of the leather.

The Fossil Q Venture HR Watches are also equipped with GPS, NFC and a heart rate monitor - only smaller. (Image: Fossil)

In the overall package, in addition to NFC for Google Pay and an integrated GPS, a heart rate monitor and a microphone with loudspeaker are built into both watches. The battery should last a whole day and be fully charged again within 2 hours via wireless charging on the charging cradle.

Both models appear in different variants and color combinations. The cheapest model with leather costs 279 euros, and a stainless steel bracelet costs 299 euros. The Fossil Q Explorist HR and Q Venture HR are now on the Fossil homepage available - some models will not appear until August 25th and can be pre-ordered now.

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And still the most beautiful smartwatches on the market. Finally with the missing features that I've always missed at Fossil. Fine, I think I'll hit you.


senseless smartwatches. had a 3rd generation and the battery was empty within 6 (!) hours and the thing was so hot. away with it.